"Green" investments in new IT

Sustainability and energy efficiency are on the rise. According to a study, 27 % of the companies surveyed have already invested in "green" technology. 33 % are planning such investments for the future.1

How will financing be structured? Companies willing to invest are planning to make greater use of leasing offers in the future: Only 22% want to finance green technology from cash flow. More than three quarters of the companies surveyed (76 %) see leasing as the best form of external financing for them. Only 14 % prefer to use loans.1

Green IT and Leasing

Green IT refers to information and communications technology (ICT) products that are characterized by greater environmental compatibility. The term also covers related services and the utilization phase. In practice, it refers to IT solutions that have a lower environmental impact than previous solutions throughout their entire product lifecycle.
Leasing can offer an attractive option when it comes to financing investments in green IT.

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