Shaping a sustainable future

As an owner-managed company, we think in terms of values and the future. That's why sustainable and responsible conduct has always been part of our DNA: in the resource-conserving organization of our own workflows as well as in sustainable IT solutions for our customers.

Sustainability at Miller Leasing

Digitized operations, energy-saving equipment and systems, e-mobility, and sustainable facility management: We take responsibility for our own organization - including social issues and corporate governance (ESG).

Pioneers in remarketing

Remarketing IT intelligently instead of disposing of it: We have been a pioneer in remarketing for decades - a clear contribution to the conservation of resources and sustainability.

More about Used IT

Digital workflows instead of paper piles

We consistently minimize our usage of paper, printer materials, and other office supplies where possible- for example, when documenting projects and in accounting. Communication with our partners and customers is increasingly taking place on digital channels; this also reduces the need for business travel.

Sustainable facility management

We manage our two facilities with sustainability in mind. We also focus on the "small" everyday issues, such as environmentally friendly cleaning agents, waste separation and waste reduction.

Energy saving devices

Starting with our own IT, we value energy- and resource-efficient systems. We oppose wasteful use of hardware and software: With our ReMarket and ReService approach, we enable the environmentally sound continued use of utilized systems in the market. Components that are no longer usable are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Efficient e-mobility

We have replaced many business trips with video conferences. However, we place great value on personal contact on site. To achieve this, we largely avoid air travel and prefer to take the train. We are increasingly using electric and hybrid vehicles for our company cars.

Social responsibility

This starts with the commitment to our employees - but we go even further. We take responsibility for the local community and for social issues. With "Social Days," we roll up our sleeves for seniors, disadvantaged children and minorities.

Fairtrade products

Our coffee and tea offered to customers and employees is Fairtrade certified. This means that we are committed to humane working conditions on the tea and coffee plantations in the countries of production. We purchase mineral water from regional sources, which is bottled in the region. This ensures short transport routes and supports regional suppliers.

Responsible corporate governance

As a family-owned company, we think long-term and emphasize a positive corporate culture in which everyone can feel at ease. This entails clear job descriptions, respectful interaction and clear decision-making processes. We also maintain fair, cooperative relations with our business partners and service providers. We apply the appropriate monitoring processes to ensure that we manage risks responsibly and comply with legal requirements.

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