Leading the way with a clear vision

Respect, openness, passion: Miller Leasing acts on the basis of well-defined values. Since the company was founded in 1979, we have been a pioneer in innovative, intelligent IT financing - for IT manufacturers and resellers as well as for their customers.


We are pioneers in innovative IT financing: owner-managed, sustainable and financially strong. For customers, sales partners and manufacturers, we are the first to make new technologies and business models financeable.


We implement intelligent IT financing solutions that give our partners new impetus for their business. We safeguard our customers' competitive edge in the market through high-performance IT and open up financial leeway for them.

Values that make us sustainably successful


To us, respect means that

  • we value, trust and support each other;
  • we communicate in a considerate manner and respect other opinions;
  • we handle information responsibly.


For us, openness means that

  • we are open to new ideas and approaches;
  • we are open to listening and perceiving the needs of others;
  • we are open to share our knowledge.


Leidenschaft heißt für uns, dass

  • we put our heart and soul into everything we do;
  • we are enthusiastic about complex projects and see challenges as opportunities;
  • we spur each other on to top performance - every day anew.

Taking responsibility - for people and the environment

Sustainable future

Sustainability starts in everyday business: We pursue this consistently and deliberately incorporate the idea of sustainability in our planning and consulting for customer projects. 

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Dedicated to others

We frequently take responsibility for social causes - whether it's a "Social Day" at a school or a senior citizens' center, or donations to important social causes.

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