Software financing

Licenses, services, maintenance and even the customer's own contributions: all this can be combined in one contract - for cloud solutions or on-premises use.

With our proven, off-balance-sheet leasing solution for software, we are once again paving the way.

Include all relevant service costs.

On the one hand, service providers and external consultants, for instance for customization to the corporate structures. On the other hand, in-house services (internal personnel expenses), for example for data migration or for key users.

Spread the procurement cost over the duration of the financing.

This way, you achieve a leveling of the initial costs. You can thereby cover the expenses for the software from current revenues. In addition, balance sheet neutrality is maintained.

Experience with leasing concepts for cloud software.

The general conditions are clarified in advance with the software manufacturers. This means that all the requirements of the leasing decree are fulfilled - which counteracts any unfavorable "reinterpretation" of leasing as a hire purchase from a tax point of view.

Fit for the mobile working world

Get started with a project lease for cloud/subscription solutions.

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