Managed services

Managed service solutions are very capital-intensive for providers, as long-term earnings are offset by high initial investment requirements. We support managed service providers on their growth path with financing solutions tailored to their needs.

Based on our profound market knowledge, we refinance your managed service projects so that you can focus on your core business.

Distribution of investment costs over the term of the contract

Thanks to your managed service offering, your customers can map investments in IT infrastructure as ongoing operating costs. With Miller Leasing, you can benefit from this added value: Capex becomes Opex! At the same time, you can already account for the revenues in the HGB annual financial statements.

Flexible adaptation of the IT infrastructure even during the term of the contract

Your customers' business models are evolving, and requirements for data processing power or storage capacity are changing by leaps and bounds. With our financing models, you have the flexibility to adapt the infrastructure to customer needs even during the contract term.

Gain customers, minimize risks

Every new managed service customer generates long-term revenue - but it also involves risk. Assessing these risks accurately is our day-to-day business. With over 40 years of experience, we are happy to take on this challenge for you.

Marketing old equipment sensibly and safely

Old equipment can represent an investment hurdle! Therefore, take advantage of the remarketing opportunities offered by Miller Anlagen GmbH. The goal: sell your old systems - ideally cost-neutral at the residual book value -, write them off and replace them with new technological solutions. Of course including certified data deletion.

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