Nowadays, no company can afford to do without an IT security solution that is consistently up to date. Miller Leasing knows the IT security market, manufacturers and products inside out. This is the only way to provide financing that is tailored to your needs - so that you can enjoy long-term financial benefits and maximum security.

We have designed many IT security financings and know the expectations of our customers as well as the requirements of the manufacturers, their solutions and products:

Whether you need firewall, cloud and antivirus solutions, endpoint security, backup and recovery - we provide the right funding!

Custom financing the transfer of the backup solution to the cloud.

We will guide you through the transition from classic IT infrastructures to cloud infrastructures. With replacement or expansion options during the contract term, we can respond dynamically to changed requirements.

Flexible payment schedule according to your budget or liquidity requirements.

We offer you customized payment arrangements that are in line with your budget. Custom-fit, flexible and individually tailored to you! This way you can use your budget wisely and benefit from discount structures of the partners at the same time.

Leasing for subscription solutions as well

The world is changing - from a firewall in the basement to pure cloud and subscription solutions. In line with this change, we are continuously adapting our financing models for you. Whether hardware, cloud/subscription or service: You will receive a suitable financing solution for every type of security.

IT financing solutions for:

The security of your IT infrastructure

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