Data center

IT investments in data centers require highly flexible financing models - because data volumes and technology are changing rapidly. We use our extensive product knowledge to realize the right financing for your needs.

Financing everything from server, storage, network and security equipment to software licenses is our core competence and we are ready to support you with a wide range of solutions:

Flexibly tailored to your requirements

High standards are placed on the data center in particular. The dynamic development of the server/storage environment must be implemented not only technically, but also contractually. We achieve this through flexible contract design and support you with expansions or tech refreshes during the contract term.

Avoiding double financial liabilities

During the transition phase of the implementation of new equipment and the return of old equipment, there is a parallel use of old and new.

To ensure a seamless transition, we support with rent-free periods without affecting your monthly budget.

Timely payment of suppliers during longer rollout periods

Suppliers expect prompt payment for partial services during longer project phases. We can guarantee this within the framework of a project contract. The final acceptance of the overall solution and thus the start of the leasing contract take place at a later date.

International use of equipment

We can include equipment used abroad in our contracts. We will be happy to provide you with support for transport or local procurement.

Marketing old equipment sensibly and safely

Old equipment can represent an investment hurdle! Therefore, take advantage of the remarketing opportunities offered by Miller Anlagen GmbH. The goal: sell your old systems - ideally cost-neutral at the residual book value -, write them off and replace them with new technological solutions. Of course including certified data deletion.

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