Miller Leasing for PROFI Engineering Systems AG

What do real IT professionals have in common?

Market, systems, customer requirements:  The IT world is changing ever more rapidly. Does this mean that long-standing partnerships become obsolete? On the contrary - they can be the foundation for innovative solutions. Especially when company tradition, philosophy and business focus match as well as they do at PROFI AG and Miller Leasing.

Referenz PROFI Engineering Systems AG der Miller Leasing Miete GmbH

" Enabling Innovative IT Solutions ...

A customer needs a more powerful server and storage solution? A higher-performance network is required? The outsourcing of backup and archive data to the cloud? PROFI AG develops the right concepts and implements IT solutions from leading manufacturers and partners. "But the horsepower also has to hit the road", says PROFI company officer Michael Schweiggart. In practical terms: Before implementation, financing details for the IT investments must be clarified. As far as this is concerned, the IT service provider has relied on Miller Leasing for many years.

...with smart and single-source financing".

What does the IT service provider value about Miller Leasing? Flexibility, short response times - and the continuity of staff. With Christian Donnerhack, PROFI AG has a long-standing contact at Miller Leasing, who has known his partner with its 300 PROFIs at 12 German locations for many years. "In this respect, it has proven advantageous from the very beginning, that both companies are family-run and share a common set of values," says Christian Donnerhack. Trust, mutual respect, reliability, customer orientation, long-term thinking - these are the values that the two IT professionals share. And that is what counts: Even and especially in today's fast-moving IT business.
"Miller Leasing is our first point of contact when it comes to designing truly individual financing concepts for us and our customers."
Michael Schweiggart , Authorized Representative, Head of Finance & Controlling PROFI Engineering Systems AG

PROFI Engineering: the IT solutions provider

PROFI Engineering Systems AG is a medium-sized family-owned company, headquartered in the city of science Darmstadt. For more than 35 years, the IT service provider has been implementing individual and high-quality solutions aimed at optimizing IT processes and system architectures.

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