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Miller Leasing for KLINIK BAVARIA Kreischa/Zscheckwitz

Up to 1,000 people can be cared for at KLINIK BAVARIA Kreischa/Zscheckwitz.  Despite its size, the medical rehabilitation center has retained its personal character - which is one of the reasons why the people in charge value the cooperation with Miller Leasing. In view of the relationship of trust that has been built up, the IT specialists even leave their "comfort zone" for the clinic.

Referenz KLINIK BAVARIA Kreischa/ Zscheckwitz der Miller Leasing Miete GmbH

Cooperation since 2016

Design of an individual project financing for the modernization of the IT infrastructure and data center: At the beginning of the collaboration, the core expertise of Miller Leasing's IT specialists was required. Since then, a relationship of trust has developed that Senior Account Manager Christian Donnerhack sums up in one sentence: "We stand behind the clinic."

Expansion to medical technology financing

X-ray systems? Intensive care monitors? Miller Leasing normally does not finance such medical equipment. In view of the good relationship, managing director Marion Schäfer decided to make an exception for KLINIK BAVARIA Kreischa/Zscheckwitz - "even though this was unfamiliar territory for us at first," she says. Thanks to this flexibility, the clinic receives single source financing services, coordinated by the long-standing contact person who is also responsible for their IT leasing projects.
"In addition to the technical expertise, we appreciate the eye-level exchange and the personal character that distinguishes Miller Leasing as an owner-managed company.
Falk Winter , Logistics Management KLINIK BAVARIA Kreischa/ Zscheckwitz

KLINIK BAVARIA Kreischa/Zscheckwitz: Individuality through diversity.

Over the past decades, the clinic in Kreischa, Saxony, has developed into one of the leading centers for intensive rehabilitation in Germany. This performance strength enabled the clinic management to increase the capacity of the respiratory beds in spring 2020 - and thus to relieve clinics that provide intensive care to COVID19 infectious patients.

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