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Miller Leasing for the Internationaler Bund (IB)

Ensuring a high-performance IT infrastructure throughout Germany at 300 sites: That is a Herculean task - and so is its financing. Since 2014, the Internationaler Bund has relied on the expertise of Miller Leasing. The IT specialists also manage project financing within the IB Group.

Financing IT projects

"From the very first time we worked together, we were impressed with the IB's commitment to helping people and how it integrates high-performance IT in this context," recalls Marion Schäfer, managing partner of Miller Leasing. Her team accompanies the IB Group today on a wide variety of projects: be it new whiteboards, data center infrastructure, an intranet solution with a central knowledge database, or the ERP system as the "IT heart" of the IB.

Making optimum use of managed services

In reality, the quality of the long-standing and trusting relationship was demonstrated, for example, when the IB was looking for a new managed services provider. Miller Leasing supported the partner search. Ultimately, the Internationaler Bund opted for Dreger IT. In coordination with the provider, Miller Leasing designed the individual and liquidity friendly financing solution.

"Miller Leasing knows our IT environment and understands what matters to us when it comes to financing. This is also of great value to me personally, as is the open exchange and the trust-based partnership."
Andreas Schmidt, Managing Director IT at the Internationaler Bund

IB: Focus on the human being

To equip people with new knowledge and show them perspectives:

The Internationaler Bund is committed to this mission as an educational and social service provider throughout Germany. It operates almost 900 institutions in Germany, including schools, academies and universities. The IB employs more than 14,000 people and has its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main.

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