Google? Never heard of, what is it?

Miller Leasing for Arts & Others Communication

Digitization has turned many industries upside down - especially in the technology, finance and creative industries. This makes it all the more remarkable when a partnership between two owner-managed companies goes back to the time before Google was founded: as in the case of Miller Leasing and Arts & Others.

Daimler-Benz and Chrysler merge

The year is 1998: The New Market is just celebrating its first anniversary, Netscape is bravely fighting the browser war, and the stock exchange rings its bell for the first time for the freshly founded DaimlerChrysler. Today, all three are long since history - contrary to the company founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in the same year: Google

That same year, 1998, Miller Leasing decided to have its own corporate image undergo a fresh and new design. The choice fell on Arts & Others, an advertising agency founded five years earlier. A&O impressed with its spot-on creation, and on a personal level the companies turned out to be a perfect match. So far, so unspectacular. What is more surprising is the fact that the partnership has survived the transformation in the tech, finance, and creative industries to this day.

"Respect, openness, passion: In our working relationship, we have seen how Miller Leasing has been living these values for decades - and continues to live these values after the generational change in management."
Hendrik Schunicht, Managing Director Arts & Others Communication GmbH

Partnership since 1998

What was the foundation for the many decades of cooperation? In a nutshell: shared values. " Flexibility in responding to customer needs, acting as a driving force and ensuring reliable performance in every phase of the project: That's how we interact with our customers," says Marion Schäfer, managing partner of Miller Leasing. "And this is what we expect from our service providers as well."

Another important factor for the IT financiers is that Arts & Others understands the financial and technology markets very well.  This saves long explanations and enables quick solutions - whether in website design or in the presentation of products and services. 

Finally, Miller Leasing values the open and uncomplicated dialog with the Bad Homburg agency. And of course, the friendly welcome by the two agency dogs!

Arts & Others: digital creativity agency

Propelling brands through the digital transformation: Founded in 1993, the owner-managed agency has been a long-standing partner to many corporations, medium-sized companies and start-ups. The financial and technology industries are among the main focus of the 25-strong team. Arts & Others is a member of the AIKA agency alliance.

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