Solution model: purchase of receivables

Financing maintenance services or certain types of software which are not suitable for leasing: the purchase of receivables may be an alternative, offering great advantages for distribution partners and their clients. It enables both partners to enjoy the advantages of a long-term agreement.

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Solution model: Managed Service contract

Outsourcing IT-functionalities into the Cloud, the use of Managed Services: This type of outsourcing is a clear trend, which we support by providing the appropriate financing models to make it happen. Three important contractual variations are the transfer of contract, partial financing and the assignment of receivables.

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Solution model: the contractual increase

Our client plans the introduction of an ERP solution. The required licenses need to be purchased long before the actual go-live date. However, our client does not wish to account for the associated cost until later. We offer the flexibility of a contractual increase for licenses and services with variable commencement date for payments.

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