IT-Financing: solved.

What contract duration and level of technical innovation are appropriate for your IT-project? Would leasing or renting be the best alternative? How do you design complex investments that include hard- and software?

Answers to these and many other questions are best found together with us.

  • Our experience is your advantage

    Have access to the latest technology: through short contract periods or replacement options.

    The "pay as you earn" principle provides you with solid planning criteria. Your systems are paid from earnings that were generated with them!

    Benefit from the creative accounting options through off-balance financing. Installments are treated and deductible as operating expenditures. This may apply (depending on the circumstances) when your company uses IFRS or US-GAAP accounting principles.

  • Software can be leased

    Hardware, software or an entire system. Miller Leasing is your experienced partner that will take care of it all, never losing sight of all the legal aspects.

  • Solution models: good questions, clear answers
    • You want your IT-systems to be up-to-date all the time?

    Our replacement options will do exactly that!

    • You have already purchased your IT-equipment and would like to finance it after all?

    A sale-and-lease-back contract or a sale-and-hire-purchase-back contract will give you that option.

    • You would like to renew your IT-systems during times of budget constraints?

    Speak with us about your budget planning. A rent-free start-up period may be an option

    • You do not feel comfortable with installments for your IT-equipment that remain equally high throughout the term of your leasing contract?

    Decide for a leasing contract with seasonally varying installments

    • You want to have the option to acquire the equipment that you are currently using under a rental agreement?

    Decide on a contract with a built-in purchase option

    • You would like to upgrade existing systems during the contract period?

    We can integrate upgrades and extensions into your rent- or leasing contract

    • You want to purchase the required IT performance as you go, at a fixed and agreed-upon price?

    Use the advantages of On Demand and utility solutions

  • Public Administration

    Introduction of double-entry bookkeeping shows more than ever: the use of IT-budgets within the public administration can be optimized through leasing

    • Use administrative budgets for the purpose of IT-investments: through leasing budgets for IT-investments can be transferred from the capital budget to the administrative budget
    • Refresh your IT-equipment flexibly: reactions to modified product requirements are possible during the term of the contract, i.e. consideration of upgrades and extensions
    • Faster implementation of your IT-projects: the project budget is spread over several planning periods? This can be taken into account when drawing up the contracts: Allowing you to use the new IT to its fullest extent
    • Contracting rules governing public contracts and special contractual conditions (e.g. EVB-IT and BVB) can be accomodated
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