Strong Rating

As a leasing company independent of manufactures and banks we have earned a 1a-Rating over the years. What benefit do you have from that? Very simple. We can refinance our contracts at competitive rates.To your advantage!

Due to our financial strength, sustained soundness and expertise, our banking partners have great confidence in us and are willing to pioneer into new directions with us. That is because the banks trust our experience and our intelligent financing concepts-even in cases of very special IT-projects that our clients are challenged with. With the help of our refinancing banks we manage to make these projects leasable.

  • Cooperative partnership without "industry-blacklist". Our decisions are made project by project with clear criteria in mind. Our longstanding professional experience allows us to take unconventional decisions where we think them to be appropriate and strategically sound.
  • With numerous financial institutions we have had partnerships over decades. They trust our in-depth IT-expertise, our understanding of the industry and the proper project evaluation.
  • Our refinancing is based on three pillars: non-recourse finance (forfaiting), loans and free cash flow, as well as self-financing. This provides us with a high level of independence.
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